When you join the Trussmaster family we want you to feel right at home at work, and right at home – when you're at home. We recognise that balance is important and senior staff will support you to plan and manage your work and career to fit in with your family life and personal and professional development goals.

We pride ourselves as having an 'always open door' policy as senior management. This means we are always accessible to all staff and we take an active interest in your career. We promote knowledge sharing across all levels of the company. We want you to grow with us. We have built our business to offer career development opportunities for all staff members. Our company structure creates opportunity for progression of team members at all levels.

Our leaders are committed to continued growth. We want to continue to provide opportunities for current and future employees.

As a family business we realise that from time to time we all experience difficult events, bad days, and sometimes personal and health hurdles. We like to be sensible, caring and flexible in the way we support each other and practical in supporting sick leave, and compassionate leave needs.

Over the years we have experienced the highs and lows of the timber industry. Through these times we have only become stronger and more determined to deliver the best products and service in the industry. We believe in our mission statement " our customers best interests are also our own". What this statement means to us is, that when we build your wall frames, roof trusses or engineered products we do so with the same quality and care as if they were for our own house. To do this we believe in employing only the most talented and passionate people to our family.

If you feel you have the self drive, passion and overall willingness to learn and be part of our famliy, contact us today.